Release Notes for

Overview This version of AstroDMx Capture implements full support for the upcoming SVBONY SV505CC, adds additional camera support for ChromeOS and fixes various issues with FITS metadata. In addition to this, many camera SDKs have been updated and, for Linux,…

Release notes for

This version implements full support for Player One cameras as well as adding new Region of Interest functionality (more information below). In addition to this, the SVBONY SDK has been updated to the latest version.

New Version of AstroDMx Capture

This version is specifically a maintenance release which fixes bugs that have been reported since the release of Most significantly, the bug which caused AstroDMx to fail to start on Ubuntu 22.04 and Fedora 36 has been fixed in this release. Various dependencies have also been updated and there is an improved feature in this release.

A New Website for AstroDMx Capture

Welcome to the new home of AstroDMx Capture. The AstroDMx Capture website has been redesigned from the ground up and most of the content has been rewritten. There’s a revised section called AstroDMx Overview which covers most of the main functionality as…

Cameras Recently Implemented

Recent versions of AstroDMx Capture have added support for new camera classes. These cameras have been natively implemented and support the camera’s full range of functionality. Touptek; OmegonPro; Bresser (Touptek Derived Cameras). If supported by the camera hardware, each of…