A New Website for AstroDMx Capture

Welcome to the new home of AstroDMx Capture.

The AstroDMx Capture website has been redesigned from the ground up and most of the content has been rewritten. There’s a revised section called AstroDMx Overview which covers most of the main functionality as well as specific technical pages for Linux, Windows, macOS and ChromeOS that hopefully will help the user.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a problem using this site.

This website also has a new page called “News”. I will post updates about new versions and highlight known issues here as and when they become available or pertinent.

AstroDMx Capture is an astro imaging application (astrophotography) designed specifically to be platform independent. It’s available for 64-bit Linux, 32-bit and 64-bit Raspberry Pi (and other ARM based Linux distributions), macOS, Windows and ChromeOS.

Nicola A Mackin FRAS (27th March 2022).