QHY Cameras – All versions with the latest QHY SDK

There seems to be an issue with the latest version of the QHY SDK which sometimes causes a segmentation fault. This issue has been observed with the QHY5L-II range of cameras on both x86-64 Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

If the camera’s connection is interrupted, for example being accidentally disconnected while the camera is streaming, then AstroDMx Capture sometimes generates a segmentation fault and then closes. This issue will be reported to QHY and a maintenance release will be made once a new SDK is made available.

In order to reduce the possibility of a segmentation fault, it is best to use a high quality USB cable that makes a good connection to the camera hardware.

Ubuntu 22.04 – All Versions of AstroDMx Capture

Important: This issue has been fixed in the latest version (

26th April 2022

I have had a number of bug reports associated with running AstroDMx on Ubuntu 22.04. I have tested this and can confirm that AstroDMx does not start under this configuration. It is, however, very easy to fix this problem.

This particular problem is caused by Ubuntu 22.04 providing newer dependence which are incompatible with some dependencies supplied by AstroDMx. The dependencies in question are those that provide specific functions in the standard C++ library.

In order to run the software under Ubuntu 22.04, use the following procedure.

cd /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/lib
rm libstdc++.so.6
rm libgcc_s.so.1

Once the above procedure has been completed, AstroDMx should start normally. This problem will be fixed in the next release of the software. The latest version of AstroDMx Capture can be downloaded from the main downloads page.

As usual, please feel free to contact me directly if you need further help.