New Version of AstroDMx Capture Released


This version introduces support for the SVBONY SV405CC cooled OSC camera and has a full implementation of its cooling functions. This camera is proving to be a solid deep sky camera, for more information please see Dr. S J Wainwright’s blog and search for SV405CC.

In addition to this, a new fully customisable reticle has been added which can be moved to an arbitrary position by using the mouse. The user is able to specify a number of concentric circles of any size as well as adding perimeter and centre makers.

AstroDMx is now HiDPI aware and should render correctly on monitors with resolutions greater than 1920×1080 regardless of the monitor scale value. The HiDPI fixes in this version correct rendering problems associated with the preview display and histogram on Mac computers.

Please see the changelog for more information; the new version can be downloaded from the main download section of this site.

Nicola Mackin FRAS (6th Feb 2022)