Release Notes for 2.4.9

This version of AstroDMx Capture is a maintenance release which fixes some bugs as well as various SDK updates.


Version 2.4.9 is an important maintenance release which addresses some bugs reported by users since the release of 2.4.1. In addition to the following bug fixes, I have updated all the core/low level dependence and have implemented one additional feature.

Notable bug fixes are detailed below:

Capture Log

The user’s geographical coordinates and astronomical object declination values were sometimes not written to the capture log. This was due to attempting to write a degrees symbol to an ASCII file which was not supported. This resulted in no data being written.

FITS Metadata/Keywords

There was a bug introduced in version 2.4.1 which caused FITS keywords not to be written to the FITS image file under very specific circumstances. When triggered, only rudimentary keywords were written. Important values such was exposure and pixel sizes etc were missing.


The logarithmic histogram was not scaling correctly on its vertical axis.

New Feature

Despite this being a maintenance release, there is one new feature. The feature allows the user to block writing their geographical coordinates to the FITS metadata. This could be useful if the user wishes to share their fits files online without exposing the exact geographical location. This option can be found under the FITS Metadata drop-down menu or from clicking “Settings” in the capture window.

SDK Updates

The following SDK updates are in this version:

  • ATIK
  • OGMA
  • ZWO
  • libgphoto (For DSLR Cameras)


For more information about this release, please see the changelog. The new version (2.4.9) can be found on the main downloads page.

Nicola Amanda Mackin FRAS 2024