Release Notes for


This version of AstroDMx Capture implements full support for the upcoming SVBONY SV505CC, adds additional camera support for ChromeOS and fixes various issues with FITS metadata. In addition to this, many camera SDKs have been updated and, for Linux, the minimum glibc version has been increased to 2.27.

ChromeOS: Additional Camera Support

  • ZWO
  • Altair
  • Touptek
  • Omegon
  • Starshoot
  • RisingCam
  • PlayerOne

Due to limitations associated with the virtualisation environment within ChromeOS, it is not guaranteed that any camera will work reliably under ChromeOS. Please note that in order to use the camera types listed above under ChromeOS, you must use a relatively powerful Chromebook.

Updated SDKs

  • ZWO updated to 1.26
  • QHY updated to 2022/7/25
  • Atik updated to 20220713
  • SVBONY updated to 1.9.4
  • Omegon updated to 51.20268.20220209

Linux glibc (C Library)

Due to SDK requirements, the minimum glibc version has been increased from 2.24 to 2.27. When AstroDMx is launched, the application interrogates the system’s C library and either runs a binary optimised for glibc 2.34 or for older/long term support distributions, 2.27. If the application is run on an older glibc a message informs the user that the software is unable to run.

This dependency change should not cause a problem because all currently maintained Linux distributions are now at a minimum of glibc 2.27.

Known Issues


The latest updates for ChromeOS seems to have broken USB3 connections. However, if a USB2 cable is used in the USB3 port of the camera, it may well work. For more information please see the known issues page.

QHY Cameras

As with all recent versions, there is still an issue with the QHY SDK specifically affecting the QHY5-LII cameras. If the QHY5-LII camera is disconnected from the USB bus then AstroDMx could throw a segmentation fault. This issue is caused by the QHY SDK and not caused by AstroDMx Capture. QHY have been informed but a fix is not yet available.


As usual, this version can be found on the main downloads page and the change log can be found on the changelog page. Progress with version 2.0 of AstroDMx Capture continues. Version 2.0 will add INDI mount (with plate solving functionality), camera, filter wheel and focuser support together with many other improvements.

Nicola Amanda Mackin FRAS 19th August 2022.