Release Notes for 2.4.1

This version of AstroDMx Capture is a minor feature release together with a number of SDK updates.


This version of AstroDMx Capture is a minor feature release together with a number of SDK updates.

Astrometric Functions

It is now possible to solve the current starfield without correcting the mount. This is useful if the user wishes to find out exactly where the mount is pointing without making any changes to the position of the telescope. This function will solve the starfield and then report the centre RA/DEC values to the user.

Astronomical Mathematics

Transit times (the time an object crosses the user’s local meridian) for circumpolar objects are now calculated. If an object is circumpolar then rise and set times show “Circumpolar” but the transit time is shown in the user’s local time.

Most of the astronomical mathematics have been rewritten for greater accuracy. It is vital that the user’s geographical coordinates are entered and that the date/time is set correctly to use most of the mount control functionality. Any error in geographical coordinates or date/time inaccuracy will result in object positions/rise/transit/set times and GOTOs being incorrect.

SDK Updates

The following SDKs have been updated.

  1. ZWO
  2. QHY
  3. Altair
  4. OmegonPro
  5. RisingCam
  6. Touptek
  7. StarshootG
  8. PlayerOne


In addition to the above, there have been improvements to the assisted meridian flip code.

Version 2 of AstroDMx Capture is now in maintenance mode only. The next feature release will be version 3 which will include some significant new functionality. It is anticipated that version 3 will include full support for INDIGO ( and include a sequencer, additional astrometric functions and auto focus controls although not all of the above will be in the first version 3 release.

If necessary, maintenance releases of version 2 will continue until version 3 is ready for release.

For more information about this release, please see the changelog. The new version (2.4.1) can be found on the main downloads page.

Nicola Amanda Mackin FRAS 2023