New Version of AstroDMx Capture –

Feature release of AstroDMx Capture

IMPORTANT: Version has superseded which was released on the 9th April 2022. This is due to an issue which came to light immediately after the release of

Feature Removed

Version added a new white balance function for SVBONY cameras. However, after testing this feature on an astronomical object, it came to light that the white balance function did not perform as well as expected.

The software developer has removed this feature for the time being. It may be added again after further testing. The One Touch white balance function remains in place.

New Feature

Under very specific and highly unusual circumstances, image data outputted by AstroDMx Capture could be overwritten. This version adds protection to stop accidental data overwrite. If a file outputted by AstroDMx already exists in the specified directory (folder), then the software will detect this, alert the user and terminate the capture session.

Under normal usage, this should never happen but the new protection will prevent the loss of capture data in this unlikely event.

Other New Features

The other new features added in remain in place. For more information about the release, please see the news article for this version.

For more information about this release, please see the changelog.

Nicola Amanda Mackin FRAS 10th April 2022).