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AstroDMx Capture for Linux, macOS and Windows

AstroDMx Capture - Version 1.2.6

The latest version of AstroDMx Capture is 1.2.6. The various distributions can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate tab below.

  • The changelog for all versions can be found on the changelog page
  • If you are having problems running AstroDMx, then please visit: the help page
  • For an overview of the main features, please see the overview page.

Release Information

This release (1.2.6) has had significant code changes to facilitate the implementation of additional cameras. If you discover any problems or anomalies, then please contact the developer..

Click here to use the to use the Bug Report form

AstroDMx Capture Downloads

Click the appropriate box below to download AstroDMx Capture.

  • This build of AstroDMx Capture is intended to run on the Crostini Linux virtualisation environment under Chrome OS x86-64. Currently, ARM Chromebooks are NOT supported. Build 91 or above of Chrome OS is required to run Crostini in the stable channel.

  • Due to a limitation of the Crostini virtualisation environment, this build of AstroDMx Capture only supports the SVBONY SV305 range of cameras. There is also significant lag introduced by the virtualisation environment which will vary with the specification of the ChromeOS computer.

  • This is experimental work and there is no guarantee that a future upgrade of Chrome OS will not break it. The slider controls are likely to lag due to the virtualized environment. We recommend typing in exposure and gain values rather than pulling the sliders.

Previous Versions

  • AstroDMx Capture is no longer distributed for two different glibc versions. Similar to the CPU microarchitecture interrogation system detailed below, the distributions now test the glibc version and run the appropriate binary for the target Linux distribution. The oldest glibc supported is 2.17.

  • AstroDMx Capture is no longer distributed with separate installers for specific CPU Microarchitectures. The distributions below install builds for the Haswell and Core2 Microarchitectures and there is a special loader program which interrogates the CPU and then runs the build that is most appropriate for your CPU.

  • Support for CPUs without SSE3 and SSSE3 (pre Core2) has been dropped. If your CPU is too old, you will receive a message informing you that AstroDMx Capture will not run on your system. It might be possible to obtain a build that will run on your CPU by contacting Nicola Mackin.

  • For help installing AstroDMx Capture, see the Installation Instructions

Previous Versions

  • We are pleased to announce that the macOS build of AstroDMx Capture now fully supports the SVBONY SV305 and the SV305PRO

  • The macOS build of AstroDMx Capture requires a CPU with at least the Core2 microarchitecture. Most Macs produced since 2009 should have the required CPU instruction set.

  • For Technical Help, see: Technical Help

Previous Versions

  • The Windows build of AstroDMx Capture requires a 64-bit version of Windows 10. There are no plans to release a 32-bit version.

  • AstroDMx Capture is specifically designed to run on Windows 10. Windows 7 is NOT supported.

  • For help installing AstroDMx Capture, see the Installation Instructions

  • For Technical Help and setting up DSLRs, see: Technical Help

Previous Versions


The latest version of AstroCrop for Windows and Linux is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

Aspect Ratio Corrector

The latest version of Aspect Ratio Corrector for Windows is 1.0 and can be downloaded by clicking the following link. Although there is no native Linux version, the Windows version runs perfectly under Wine.

Known Issues | All Platforms

Version 1.2.x

There are some stability issues with QHY cameras on macOS. It seems that these are related to problems with the QHY SDK.

All Versions: ZWO USB2 Cameras

There are various issues with the ZWO USB2 cameras running under Linux and macOS. These issues are not caused by AstroDMx Capture but are due to these cameras having an invalid max packet size. These issues do not affect ZWO USB3 cameras.

For more information about these issues, please see Technical help for Linux or Technical help for macOS page

USB2 ZWO cameras can also be problematic under Microsoft Windows if the hardware is relatively new. For more information about these issues, please see Technical help for Windows

Show Previous Versions

Hide Previous Versions

Version 0.90.2

Due to a possible issue with the QHY SDK, AstroDMx Capture occasionally crashes when changing resolution or pixel format. Although this problem was confirmed in 0.88.2, it has not been observed in 0.90.2. This issue is mentioned here just in case it still exists.

Version 0.88.2

Raspberry PI 32bit (armhf) Due to a recent update to the 32bit Raspberry Pi OS distribution (Buster), it is not currently possible to use AstroDMx Capture in hardware acceleration mode. If you are using the 32bit Raspberry PI OS then you should switch to software acceleration by clicking on Options and then making sure that hardware acceleration is disabled.

Fedora 34: On some installations of Fedora 34, AstroDMx Capture fails to start. In order to fix this, simply remove from /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/lib . I will make a maintenance release to fix this problem in due course.

Version 0.84.7

If a DSLR is set to anything other than Manual then changing the exposure causes a segmentation fault and so AstroDMx Capture crashes. Make sure that the DSLR is set to Manual.

Version 0.78.5: x86-64 Linux

Some ZWO cameras show multiple error messages during the connection routine. This issue will be fixed in the next release but for now, it is safe to dismiss the messages.

Version 0.78.3: x86-64 Linux

Version 0.78.3 requires a CPU with the AVX instruction set. All CPUs manufactured from 2009 should have this support. If you have a CPU manufactured before 2006 then you should not upgrade to 0.78.3.

Version 0.68.1: Ubuntu 20.04 Problems

Problem 1: Ubuntu 20.04 introduces an incompatibility with the version of distributed with version 0.68.1. If AstroDMx Capture does not start on Ubuntu 20.04 then remove which
is located in /usr/local/AstroDMx_Capture/lib

Problem 2: New builds of Ubuntu 20.04 cause AstroDMx Capture to take about 20 seconds to start. Systems upgraded from previous versions of Ubuntu are not affected.

Version 0.66.x: Raspberry PI QHY Cameras

Due to an issue in the QHY SDK, long exposures sometimes take longer than expected. Depending upon your timeout settings, the connection monitor might reset the camera. The timeouts can be changed or the connection monitor can be
disabled from the options drop-down menu.

Versions 0.50.x and below

If multiple camera controls are changed during a long exposure then the last control will take effect, all others will be cancelled. For example, if the user changes the exposure to one minute and then immediately changes the gain,
then the exposure control will be cancelled. To avoid this issue, change one control and wait for the exposure to complete.