Installation Instructions for Windows

Installing AstroDMx Capture for Windows


AstroDMx Capture for Windows is very new software and as a result it triggers web browser and Smartscreen warnings during the installation process. In time, once a sufficient number of people have downloaded the application, these warnings will go way.

Windows 7

AstroDMx Capture for Windows does NOT support Windows 7. It is possible that specialist Astronomy cameras, such as the SVBONY SV305, ZWO and QHY, may work on Windows 7 but this is untested. UVC cameras will NOT work. Examples of UVC cameras are the SVBONY SV105, SV205 and general webcams.

Install Routine

Download the latest version of AstroDMx Capture for Windows from the downloads page. For this example we used the Microsoft Edge Web Browser, however, most browsers behave in a similar way.

  • NOTE: Instead of installing into "Program Files" (which requires Administrator permissions), AstroDMx Capture installs into a location which does not require Administrative permissions. This is under C:\Users\%username%

At the bottom left of the browser window, the following text appears:

  • AstroDMx_Capture_0....exe was blocked because it could harm your device. (of course it can’t harm your device).

Web browser example

We are given two options: (1) Delete or (2) a button with three dots (...).

We clicked the button with the three dots and were given three options:

  1. Keep,
  2. Report this file as safe,
  3. Learn more

We selected Keep

Then Microsoft Defender SmartScreen goes into action and informs you that this application is not commonly downloaded. (When enough people have downloaded the software, all of this will stop happening).

Windows Defender Smart Screen 1

We then clicked on Show more, and the following message appeared.

Windows Defender Smart Screen 2

We clicked on Keep anyway.

Then we double clicked on the install file and immediately Windows starts protecting us again; this message appeared.

Windows Defender Smart Screen 3

We selected More info and the following message appeared.

Windows Defender Smart Screen 4

We select Run anyway and the program starts to install. Follow the on screen instructions to install AstroDMx Capture. Once installed, AstroDMx Capture should be available in the Windows 10 Start menu.

Just when you thought it was safe, Windows Defender Firewall jumps in one last time, saying that Windows Defender Firewall has blocked some of the features of this app. Just click on Allow access and from here on, there will be no problems.


Enjoy using AstroDMx Capture for Windows.